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Wells and Production Technology

The oil and gas industry is facing a crisis of rising costs and diminishing revenues. The priority has shifted away from major capital projects to refocus on maximising the value from existing operational oil and gas assets. The identification of low cost, low risk and easily executable initiatives which can render fast and measurable impact on the field production and associated costs, is becoming essential to maintaining the economic stability of operations.


Wells and Production Technology is the industrial heart of the oil and gas production business. It sits at the centre of the operations web, closely tied to the other disciplines in the field development cycle, working to identify the optimal integrated system solution and realise maximum value from the assets. Expert knowledge of a well’s production potential and technical integrity is a requirement for safe and efficient daily production.

TARGET provides wells and production technology solutions to our clients as a part of Field Development Planning or through dedicated domain-based solutions, to enable them to innovate and unlock field and well potential. Our solutions have been deployed on large, medium and small fields, on behalf of oil and gas operators and investors. We have a set of unique workflows developed over time and informed by our in-depth experience, from small well performance reviews to large integrated field development plans. These enable us to address key uncertainties and deliver in short timeframes. We provide expertise covering: modelling and optimising well inflow and outflow performance, conceptual well and completion design, design of well/reservoir interface (including sand management), Well, Reservoir and Facility Management (including production system modelling and optimisation) and Well Integrity Management (including specification of the operating envelope for the well). TARGET deploys industry standards and workflows to provide solutions tailored to asset needs and client specifications.

Production System Optimization

TARGET provides a full range of services for Production System Optimisation, which includes everything related to the inflow/outflow production enhancement from the existing wells. This includes nodal analysis, stimulation, gas lift optimisation, additional/re-perforations, water shut off activities, integrated production system modelling.

Conceptual/Detailed Well Completion Design

TARGET offers dedicated capability for Well Completion Design. This includes perforation design, sand control techniques, tubing string and packer installation along with the upper completion design. We support the initial design and also the design during the production phase of the asset’s lifecycle.


TARGET provides a full range of services to support the planning of production,  injection and evaluation wells. We can provide support for drilling activities in areas such as: the type of drilling fluids required, infill drilling spacing of wells, well trajectories and material selection.

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