Digital Transformation

The Digital Energy Cloud

The energy industry is facing enormous pressure to reduce costs and improve performance. Making use of new digital technologies to transform outdated and inefficient processes will unlock millions of dollars in lower costs and increased revenue.

The Digital Energy Cloud from Target, is a collection of online services that can be deployed by a regulator, service company or an operator to change the way their user community work together to make critical business decisions. The Digital Energy Cloud portfolio includes services for master and corporate data management, data sales and promotion, asset management support.


Traditional upstream data platforms treat your data archive as a passive repository, and focus on back-office processes for preservation and storage. By contrast, Digital Energy Cloud services provide a foundation of highly interactive information access solutions and that can be combined with powerful analytical and visualisation tools, to deliver infinite possibilities for extension and new forms of collaboration.

The Digital Energy Cloud is an open environment for delivering online solutions that integrate complex technical and commercial information together with powerful analytical tools, in an easy to use interface that encourages collaboration. Digital Energy Cloud services are powered by TARGET’s unique software technology – the MEERA DX Platform.

MEERA Master Data Repository

Our Master Data Repository (MDR) solution provides full lifecycle data management package for wells, seismic, engineering and production data. It includes integrated search, visualise and order functionality, and comprehensive loading and QC tools. Unlike traditional solutions, the MDR is a living system and can easily be extended to cover any data type.

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MEERA Living Data Room

Our Living Data Room (LDR) solution is a business platform for promoting energy data. Perfect for data rooms to support license rounds or other asset sales, this is a secure, web environment for online trading that builds on the powerful searching and visualisation tools in the Master Data Repository.

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MEERA Asset Management Support

The third element of our Digital Energy Cloud solution portfolio is Asset Management Support (AMS). This tool extends the platform to provide support for managing key performance indicators and other time series data as part of a performance monitoring and portfolio management programme. It includes powerful tools for dashboards and analytics, all of which are hosted in the easy-to-use and secure online working environment.

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