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Special Studies

When those working for you do not know what data are available to them or how to use data generated from a different discipline then bad technical and business decisions are inevitable. This has nothing to do with the competence of your staff, or the type and quality of the data you have. It has more to do with an incomplete understanding of the situation at hand.

TARGET has developed a set of workflows that get the most information out of data commonly gathered in the oil and gas industry. Often, the true information content of data is overlooked until a multi-disciplinary team studies the data. Such teams are an integral component of TARGET’s Specialist Studies. They are knowledgeable and experienced in combining, analysing and extracting solutions from data that would otherwise be missed.


As a consulting company TARGET has worked with clients and learned first-hand just how critical it is to have the right data analysed by the right people using the right workflows. Our experience, built since we were founded, now enables us to provide a team of experts with a set of proven workflows and the MEERA Platform to help you, through the use of our specialised solutions.

Our experienced staff and the amount of work we have done, means that we have probably seen the type of problem or issue you are now facing. We will not try and pigeon-hole your problem into some pre-defined situation, instead we take the time to work with you and fully characterise what you are facing. Finally, as part of our operational philosophy we believe that the most appropriate technologies and methodologies should be used to achieve a project’s objectives. This means we won’t recommend the latest and greatest, new and expensive tools if they are not necessary. It’s just another way we meet clients’ needs and provide an unbiased and objective analysis.

Fracture Modelling

Various ranges and scales of fracture connectivity are characterised in the workflows developed by TARGET. This includes along-well bore fracture characterisation, integrated conceptual fracture modelling, innovative near-well fracture connectivity through VSP-BHI integration and 3D continuous fracture network modelling. A truly integrated workflow links hard core and BHI data with seismic-scale data to map fracture cause and effect relationships by multiple deriver ranking.    

Reservoir Rock Typing (RRT)

TARGET has developed workflows and technology to successfully integrate all scales of data measurement in order to derive consistent, fast and repeatable predictions of Reservoir Rock Type (RRT) from core and well logs. The approach improves permeability, saturation and reservoir property modelling. We provide continuous 2D and 3D RRT schemes and predictions in non-cored wells.

Frontier and Near-Field Exploration

We begin all of our projects by placing them into their regional context. We leverage information from our own databases as well as data provided by you, our client.

Through the integrated work of our geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, stratigraphers, sedimentologists and reservoir engineers, we can provide a significant advantage by rapidly completing play analyses and prospect development. At TARGET, we use a multifaceted approach based upon three highly interconnected general processes:

  • Definition of the tectonic history of the region
  • Definition of the structural history of the region
  • Definition of the stratigraphic history of the region

All work is done within the context of the latest geologic concepts.

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