Professional Services

TARGET’s professional services segment have extensive capabilities in the areas of Subsurface, Wells and Production Technologies, Surface Facilities, and Geospatial consulting.

Our team has a wealth of experience which it brings to bear on every project. We take the best of current industry practise and combine that with our passion for delivering transformative solutions that are a perfect fit with your project requirements. We are completely independent of traditional technology and service companies and bring the benefits of unbiased and fresh thinking to your team.



TARGET has extensive capabilities to assist E&P companies across their data processing, interpretation and implementation value chain. This begins with the early phases of frontier exploration and continues through the full lifecycle of a field.

Wells & Production

TARGET provides wells & production technology solutions to our clients as part of Field Development Planning or through dedicated domain-based projects. These have been deployed on large, medium and small fields, for both oil and gas operators and investors.

Surface Facillities

TARGET’s upstream surface facilities engineering services cover traditional surface engineering solutions across the asset lifecycle. Our surface focus is in the Select, Define and Enhance phase of the facilities lifecycle.


TARGET’s geospatial team has extensive experience of large scale projects and offer services for geospatial data acquisition, geospatial information management and geospatial application development.

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