Integrated Asset Management

Opportunity Maturation

At TARGET, we optimise business value by following the TECOP process – adding process to a complex problem. Opportunity Maturation is often referred to as the ‘Select’ stage of a project. This is the opportunity to add the most value to any oil and gas development by ensuring the optimum development solution is selected. Having a subsurface and a surface team allows TARGET to offer a fully integrated development solution.


  • Feasibility studies
  • Concept identification
  • Concept selection
  • Field development planning


  • Technical – subsurface, surface, infrastructure, operability, availability, HSSE, etc.
  • Economical  – lifecycle costs, NPV, IRR, cash sink, etc.
  • Commercial – C&P, legal, financing, etc.
  • Organisational – resources, competencies, interfaces, etc.
  • Political – government, communities, NGO’s, regulation, employment, etc.


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