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Our geospatial services provide end-to-end solutions, designed to integrate with existing systems, in areas such as advanced surveying, photogrammetry, remote sensing, GIS, data creation and data integration. We also provide consultancy services including user needs assessments, project management, independent quality assurance and quality control for geospatial projects. TARGET provides the tools and technology to clients that allow them to create, share, and distribute data to transform their business and enhance their collaboration.


Geospatial services offered by TARGET provide out-of-the-box solutions on the platform that deliver immediate value in foundational areas for any geospatial government users, service providers and other scientific users. Our objective is to provide modern solutions to allow organisations to deliver their services in an efficient manner using the latest technology.

Our spatial web services are powered by TARGET’s unique software – the MEERA DX Platform. This is a web-enabled geospatial data management system that can be used by multiple users simultaneously, with infinite possibilities for extension and new forms of collaboration.


TARGET offers services for ground feature extraction using techniques such as: GPS land surveying, LiDAR surveying for utilities and 3D city modelling. Processing of survey data and laser pulses is our key strength for achieving precise accuracy.

Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing

TARGET provides Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing services using latest technologies in extraction and classification, including image fusion and change detection.  We also provide services for setting up a complete digital photogrammetric workflow from data structuring, to the method of data capture, management and conversion to GIS enterprise databases.

GIS Services

Most value is realised from GIS when it is integrated with other enterprise business data and applications such as asset databases, enterprise IT systems in ERP, finance, marketing, and vehicle RFID tracking. TARGET GIS services ranger from GIS data modelling, data cleaning, and data conversion, to data integration. We can also provide GIS application development, spatial analysis and spatial decision support.


Web GIS has transformed the classic GIS “system of record” into to an advanced “system of engagement” through real-time integration with business intelligence systems, dashboards and web browsers. TARGET provide a full range of Web GIS development services including the creation of large scale, cloud-based business and technical asset management solutions.

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