Data Server

The MEERA™ Geospatial Data Server (D-SERV) provides a data supply services for the existing archive data and the custom data that required to be generated from a new source of data or an integration of data. The archived data can be supplied immediately and the custom date will be supply once time is given and approval is received. The D-SERV provides the ability to generate 3D data model and analysis the terrain for visualization of different sites as well as city modelling and flythrough. The service can be extended to data conversion and data integration services that can ingest data from different systems and platforms. The conversion service of data from one format to another is also provided through the D-SERV portal. The data can be integrated from different system such as Maximo, SCADA, ERP etc., and displayed in GIS platform.


Generation of data

Costumed data

Terrain Data analysis

Integration from different sources

Data Conversion

Achived data supply

Data sharing

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