Data Repository

The MEERA™ Geospatial Data Repository (GDR) this the core of the data supply it contain all base map data and the data integrated from other source of data as added value products. The National base map data that include all cultural information, vegetation, water streams and wadies and terrain data such DTM, Contour and mass points are stored in the GDR. The added value data and information are also stored along with base map data to provide ease of integration with base map data. The rectified images from different source such as aerial photo and the satellite are also stored and supplied from GDR.

The GDR is the main hub for base map data and other data that certified and stored in the main Geospatial database. This not limited to a normal data as can store the 3D data and Lidar data that used to accurately model geographic phenomena or and physical assets.


Base Map data

Terrain data

Hydro, wadies and streams data


Lidar Data

Raster scanned data

Added value data and info.

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