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Field Development Planning

Determining the optimum way to develop and produce from an oil or gas field in a manner that successfully balances risks, uncertainty and value to stakeholders, has always been a challenge to those of us in the oil and gas industry. This is especially true during times of price volatility.

A Field Development Plan (FDP) provides the best technical solution and roadmap for optimising the development and production of a field. FDP studies provide the necessary guidance and information for establishing whether or not a project is economic considering all possible development project options, risks and uncertainties in order to define the most optimal development concept. TARGET has an experienced FDP team, capable completing a full FDP project or providing support during its different phases. TARGET has developed a set of unique workflows to ensure the most appropriate FDP decision is made.


TARGET apply the knowledge of discipline experts to review operations and create an integrated, decision-based Field Development Plan that outlines the optimal recovery mechanism and infrastructure configuration of wells and facilities that will maximise recovery from the field while adequately addressing the management of uncertainty in the field.  Our MEERA Platform is used to manage FDP data to avoid any unnecessary time losses at start of the project and to utilise all the data in the FDP process.

TARGET’s overall objective is to deliver the FDP and/or an integrated Area Development Plan (ADP) that will help to secure and deliver the reserves and resources currently identified in the station’s fields, whilst identifying and maturing additional opportunities to drive fields towards achieving top quartile recovery factors and maximising overall economic value. Plans are underpinned by up-to-date static and dynamic models incorporating all available subsurface, surface, operational and historical data, providing a robust interpretation of the subsurface, as well as consistent analysis/evaluation of the historical performance of the fields. These models become the tools to support appraisal, development, operational and reservoir management decision-making, replacing the current set of field models. Our philosophy on a project is placed within its regional framework to ensure consistency and improve accuracy, using MEERA to manage FDP data and integration with engineering disciplines to incorporate and honour those data influenced or controlled by geologic factors, thereby discriminating between reservoir-valid and reservoir-invalid information, maintain objectivity and provide unbiased, data-based analyses.

Field Development Planning / Area Development Planning

TARGET’s  multi-disciplinary FDP team has deep, world-wide experience in carbonates and clastics as well as structurally complex systems. The team’s average experience is 15.5 years per person.

Each discipline is involved during any FDP project, achieving a high degree of integration as well as identifying and solving problems that may not be visible to one discipline but seen clearly by others.

Integration within the subsurface disciplines ensures that the analysis covers the range of uncertainties and risks resulting in a range of geological alternatives that can be used as the basis of a development plan. Integration across discipline domains refines and culls alternative cases, focusing on those that deliver maximum economic value while honouring client constraints. Integration across organisational boundaries allows TARGET’s team to work in close cooperation with a client’s team and management in order to achieve alignment and develop an FDP that truly meets the client’s needs.

Field Performance Review

Field reviews and production optimisation services provide measurable performance improvements to oil and gas assets. To support the opportunity identification effort, an integrated study is required to build on the current understanding of the field’s performance as an important step towards opportunity identification, evaluation and definition. The overall strategy for this review involves:

  • Review of the field’s data and performance history to understand the impact of geology, reservoir/fluid properties and development concepts on reservoir and well performance, both on a total field and field-segment basis
  • Screen, rank and categorise the field’s well stock based on well-defined criteria to allow for a focused approach in performance diagnosis and opportunity identification/evaluation
  • Focus on identifying an opportunity-set related to:
    • Water shut-off candidate identification and screening or redirection of water production
    • Well stimulation
    • Interference management

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