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TARGET’s operations enhancement capability involves a multi-discipline team working with the most advanced software tools to assist operators in maximising recovery and production, and minimising operating costs.


Field Life Extension

Managing late field life requires a clear understanding of the condition of existing systems and how that condition is changing over time. Drawing on expertise from our own engineers and specialist subsidiary consultants across the globe, we assist asset owners and new entrants to understand this and develop solutions to maximise the potential of their facilities.

Our key service areas relating to Late Field Life Operations / Extension are:

Facilities life extension studies
End of field life strategy and asset redevelopment
Production efficiency improvement and reliability / availability analysis
Bespoke fitness for service assessments
“Right sizing” existing infrastructure for future, lower, throughput
Obsolescence management
Safety critical elements / performance standards review
Asset audits / reviews: performance improvement, environmental, integrity management, technical safety

Brownfield Modifications

Remote locations and challenging environmental conditions mean that any modification to an existing facility requires meticulous investigation and planning. Our extensive experience of working on brownfield modification projects, through the entire project lifecycle from concept to implementation, has taught us that there is no substitute for early and focused engineering work to drive cost and schedule certainty in subsequent phases. Our multi-disciplinary engineering teams are therefore formed to meet the needs of your project, and develop technical definition at the appropriate level of detail. Brownfield modification focus areas include:

Confirming existing facility as built data and specifications, through site survey and operations engagement
Confirming capacity / ullage of existing systems (process, electrical, instruments, safety, structural, mechanical)
Detailed constructability reviews to establish physical and logistical constraints and drive design towards build simplicity
Identify and minimise requirement for partial / full production shutdowns through design
Establish asset late life issues which may place additional constraints and / or scope on the project (i.e. turndown, integrity, regulatory change)
The experience of our engineering team is also supplemented with the latest technologies to aid in solving the complex integration problems that can arise.


As part of a debottlenecking study, we establish the facility’s constraints, their step-wise elimination and the associated benefits gained.

We consider the facility in its entirety, incorporating process safety, integrity issues and performance, examining not only the production and utility systems, but also the potential impact on relief systems resulting from higher throughput and proposed modifications.

Our well established equipment / system sizing models, based on FEED level calculations and algorithms, are used for the capacity assessment. These are adjusted, as necessary, to match the actual facility’s systems and to allow evaluation of existing capacity.

Once facility breakpoints have been identified, our multidisciplinary team develops the technical definition of the new facilities and brownfield modifications to enable the required throughput. This allows feasibility to be confirmed and cost estimates for modifications to be delivered.

Where potential development options are still immature, a more generic approach can be adopted by establishing the operating envelopes for all major equipment with subsequent overlaying of potential development options, thereby informing the option selection.

Production Optimisation

The importance of making right decisions at the right time when expanding or modifying an existing plant cannot be over emphasised. The unique TARGET capability of integrating process study and detailed compression selection into the early concept engineering phase, ensures the best development option is chosen for debottlenecking and brownfield developments. We understand that there is no “quick and easy” spreadsheet solution to brownfield engineering, hence the TARGET approach of multidiscipline engineering experts supported by bespoke software packages.

Debottlenecking of process systems, compression analysis and performance prediction, 3D modelling and site review capabilities, are brought together to provide the right solution. Dynamic simulation is used to provide assurance on the integration of change with system control.

Whether the requirement is for upgrade of LNG compressors onshore, changing the field to gas lifted, blowing down the reservoir, TARGET has the experience to provide the client with a successful outcome.

Asset Integrity

Effective integrity management establishes that people, processes, plant and systems are in place and that an asset is fit-for-purpose over the whole of its lifetime.

If this is achieved, personnel safety, environmental protection and production continuity can be maintained consistently. TARGET helps organisations in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries to establish and maintain integrity management systems. We use an integrated management system to apply technical, operational and organisational solutions to reduce risk, improve safety, minimise environmental releases and improve asset performance whilst reducing costs. Our independence can enhance your credibility and at the same time, we can integrate with your organisation to provide practical support.

Combining our technical capabilities with our broad range of skills and expertise, and using resources available from our offices worldwide, we can embed integrity management into entire organisations, specific departments or individual projects.

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