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During the Define phase, TARGET optimises concept designs through Front End Engineering Design (FEED) projects and/or managing the project through our Project Management Control (PMC) capability.


Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

Our multi-disciplinary teams work in a flexible manner to provide a high-quality bespoke engineering solution to each client’s unique development, enabling clients to make sound investment decisions and execute projects with minimal technical, cost and schedule risks.

We provide informed decision support, cost estimate refinement, detailed project scheduling and quantitative risk profiling – all of which align with our client’s approvals / sanctioning needs. We derive functional requirements for equipment and systems, and provide informed support in deriving contracting strategies, collating bidders lists, issuing tender invitations and performing bid assessments for equipment delivery and installation.

FEED Services offered include:

  • Site identification and evaluation
  • Project and scope definition review
  • Cost estimating and schedule development
  • Identification and investigation of long lead items
  • Hazard and operability studies / hazard identification

Project Management Control (PMC)

Our FEED capability, particularly in the Middle East region, revolves around us partnering with a low cost engineering company. Our role therefore becomes more Project Management Control (PMC) utilising;

  • Contracting and project management plans
  • Change and risk management
  • Cost estimating and scheduling
  • Quality management / integrity management
  • HSE / site safety
  • Management of construction to start-up


Our aim is to manage the low cost FEED contractor utilising some of our own front end engineers, and then continue on the project to become the PMC contractor for the EPC contract.

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