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Data Integration

The MEERA Platform provides support for handling a wide variety of data types, through a flexible data access stack:

  • The lowest layer of the data access stack is a physical layer implemented using a combination of the PPDM 3.9 RDBMS schema as a structured database, and a highly scalable bulk data storage management system for handling.
  • The next layer in the data access stack is a business object layer consisting of database stored procedures that implement logical business objects including full create/update/delete logic.
  • The final layer in the data access stack are workflow business objects. This allows the solution developer to work with a view of the attributes and entities needed by a particular business process.
  • A data integration service allows the platform to perform, create, read, update and delete operations on entities in any connected data source. The data integration service acts as a virtual data server, with content defined by a fully configurable meta-model that allows customers to extend the blueprint to their specific environment.

The MEERA Data Modelling tools allow data modellers and administrators define their solution structured data model. The package allows the construction of the data model through manual data entry, uploading of data model workbooks or by connecting to existing data sources.

The tools are designed to support large scale data models with hundreds of entities and thousands of attributes, drawn from multiple data sources.

The data publishing tools allow modellers to inspect and query external data sources and map them to the standards defined in a business solution.

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