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Data Insight

For many years now, operating companies have invested heavily in collecting measurements from their wells at many different scales. These rich datasets are essential to making smarter decisions and to better understand complex reservoir and fluid behaviours in wellbores. As we continue to lower the cost of operations, new processes and analysis are required to rejuvenate legacy data and combine it with new data to overcome reservoir challenges.


Data Insight services are highly specialised studies, focused on maximising the value of conventional data measurements along the well path. TARGET’s Data Insight team are an experienced group of engineers and geoscientists who deliver fresh, insightful analysis of this data. They utilise unique workflows, technology and integrated solutions to support complex reservoir development and well completion decisions.  TARGET’s Data Insight services include borehole image applications, VSP processing, core sedimentological and diagenetic interpretations, well test review and well reservoir engineering design and analysis. We also provide unbiased views logging tool practices, quality checking, flexibility in working environment and operational decisions.

TARGET’s team works jointly with the client to produce carefully tailored solutions to extract most relevant information from all the available measurements.  Our MEERA Insight technology provides powerful data management, wellbore visualisation and analytical functions to support this activity. Our workflows are closely aligned with the specific needs of each client in order to shorten time to delivery, reduce uncertainty and make each project a great success. Our technology and workflows are vendor-neutral but include industry standard industry tools as needed.

High Resolution Image Petrophysics (BHI)

Image logs contain abundant textural information which can contribute to more accurate and detailed reservoir descriptions and more efficient reservoir characterisations and  modelling. Unique algorithms are developed to generate maximum value from borehole image data and a creative methodology is developed to convert BHI logs into continuous permeability values that respect changes in reservoir rock texture around the wellbore, calculate grain size, volumetrics, improve net-pay calculation, quantify fracture attributes (length, spacing, width, orientations, etc.,) and capture various sedimentary bedforms to delineate reservoir stacking pattern and most importantly enhancing perforation selections.

Borehole Seismic Services (VSP)

TARGET’s experienced global geophysicists group offers borehole seismic application design, data processing, interpretation and integrated services for exploration reservoir development needs. This includes unique workflows for robust Q and multiple analysis and 2D-3D VSP modelling.

Core Description & Diagenetic Analysis

An interactive core description modules is developed to aid sedimentary interpretation while conducting actual core description reviews and interpretation. This is not only to speed up the delivery time, but provides more robust and accurate interpretation by viewing and interactively visualising all logs and other measurements while descriptions cores. This includes micro scale petographyic descriptions, diagenetic analysis and developed semi-quantitative thin section analysis.

Well Test Performance

The Well Performance Review is a regular and timely review of the individual wells and/or cluster of wells in order to identify short term opportunities to enhance production from the existing production and intervention history of the well. TARGET have a set of pre-defined workflows which help us to perform these reviews within a minimal time frame.

Well & Reservoir Engineering

TARGET undertake a range of well engineering core services, including fluid characterisation, well test analysis, PVT analysis, scale design and interpretation. Our reservoir engineering team members are familiar with all commercial software applications used in the industry today, and have developed certain algorithms and workflows to enhance and bridge any gaps in the applications.

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