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Asset Management Support

The MEERA Asset Management Support (AMS) solution manages the reporting, storing, analysis and approvals, and business performance and planning data for Oil and Gas Assets.

MEERA AMS is targeted at Oil and Gas regulators and Oil and Gas operating companies who operate a portfolio of Oil and Gas Assets and who wish to efficiently monitor the performance of those assets and their operators.

The solution provides a package of workflow and analysis tools to support the core business process of regulators (and other organisations) that require the ability to monitor the technical, operational and financial performance of specific assets or entire portfolios of assets.

It includes workflows that support many business processes including: permitting, business plan reporting and tracking; production reporting; maintenance and publication of regulations; and, monitoring of compliance with regulations and standards.

The integrated workflow orchestration engine allows a regulator to manage regular campaigns of data gathering, and to streamline the process of communication with operators.

The use of standard templates and report formats makes it easier to capture critical quantitative reporting information from the operator community, store it in a secure database, and perform powerful business analytics to assess and benchmark the performance of individual regions, assets, and operators.

Flexible dashboards allow the regulator to monitor asset performance in real time across their entire geographic region.

Integration into the core MDR datahub ensures that all incoming data can be quality checked against reference data stored in the regional master database. Production and financial information is stored in the same PPDM repository allowing the regulator to build up a single common repository for petro-technical and financial information, providing an unparalleled range of views over their entire portfolio.

MEERA ADS integrates both structured and unstructured data (documents) in a single interface, making it easy to find all the information needed to support critical strategic decision-making.

The solution has an integrated API making it easy to incorporate petro-technical, production, financial and regulatory information into custom reports and presentations.

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Asset Management Services (AMS)

Key Features

  • Technical Document Management
  • Plan and Performance Data Management
  • Business Performance Analysis
  • Distribution and Approval Workflows


Download the AMS brochure >

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