Digital Transformation / MEERA DX Platform

Application Integration

The MEERA DX Platform includes a comprehensive set of cloud based APIs that make it simple to integrate third party applications. These programmable interfaces provide access to the same powerful services exposed through the interactive web UI, including:

    • Data Querying
    • Data Mutation
    • Workflow Execution
    • Document Indexing
    • Seismic Data Access
    • Log Data Access
    • Metamodel Access

The web services API are built using the GraphQL standard from Facebook. This lightweight API is more efficient for data management applications than a typical ReST/SOAP SDK.

The API is built around the concepts of queries and mutations. Queries provide a simple access point to any data managed through the MEERA Platform using a simple query language. Mutations provide an interface to data update, visualization, workflow and analytical services.

R Analytics Integration

As an example of integrating with third party applications, TARGET provides a client package which links the R Analytics engine directly to the platform. The MEERA Platform R package allows users to connect to a MEERA Platform data server, list tables and make queries against the MEER API from within R.

The R Studio application allows users to analyze and graph the data. All data access is through the MEERA Platform core services and so respects entitlements, data mappings, access control, caches, conversions etc. and is completely decoupled from the underlying data sources. The client never reads the sources directly. Querying via GraphQL and R delivers a highly interactive data exploration environment.


Although the primary motivation for the MEERA Platform R integration is to open cross disciplinary data (subsurface, production, facilities) to machine learning / classification / statistical data analytics, it also provides exciting possibilities for data quality management.

R studio will be an exceptional data management/quality workbench (for power users) executing exploratory work, complimentary to the standard web user interface (for regular users) for routine work.


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