Professional Services

Subsurface, wells and production, surface and geospatial consultancy.

Digital Transformation

Workflow, Information Management and Integration software to enable innovation in your upstream business.

Asset Management

Industry leading technical capability and world class technology, to help develop or redevelop your fields.

Digital Transformation

for the Oil & Gas Industry

Our vision is to offer solutions that digitally transform all aspects of the oil and gas industry across the entire value chain. We believe that true digital transformation, unlocking and integrating every bit of data in wells, reservoirs and fields, can enable countries and E&P companies to maximize their returns by increasing their exploration success and maximizing hydrocarbon recovery.

Digital Energy Solutions

Discover the Digital Energy CloudTM

The Digital Energy Cloud is a flexible, converged computing platform for a variety of energy related workflows.

  •  People
  • Technology
  • Services
  • Knowledge
  • Information
  • Data

The Digital Energy Cloud enables Target Oilfield Services to support, optimize and transform your exploration and production business processes.

  • Subsurface, Reservoir Engineering and Field Development Planning
  • Surface Facilities and Production Optimization
  • Geospatial data management and Analysi


The Digital Energy Cloud enables Target Energy Solutions to deliver integrated software for workflow optmization and high value digital content management.

The MEERA DX Platform is the engine that powers Digital Energy Cloud solutions:

  • Common Web Interface – for all stakeholders
  • Intuitive Tools – self-service submission & ordering
  • Open software platform – extensible and application vendor independent
  • Online Marketplace for solutions, tools and libraries
  • Built for Cloud


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MEERA Platform

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