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Master Data Repository

The MEERA™ Master Data Repository is an integrated, extensible, master data management service. MDR is targeted at oil and gas regulators and operating companies who need to manage master seismic and wells datasets at regional, national, and international scales.

The MEERA™ MDR solution has been designed to provide a complete end-to-end online service for regulators and operators to implement a robust platform for data management and governance. The solution is completely web based, and supports business activity across the entire master data lifecycle, and includes workflows for submission, verification and loading of data from data providers, and search, order and delivery to data consumers.

At the heart of the solution is a PPDM 3.9 database, with a single, integrated online user interface for all operations, including public and registered user portals, administration, and data loading.

The geophysical data management service provides efficient processing of large scale seismic data sets including indexing, QC and interactive visualisation.

The comprehensive search engine includes advanced GIS features and an entitlements layer provides fine-grained access control to the underlying data.

The solution can manage a wide variety of content, from highly structured wells data, store directly in the database; unstructured content in documents and reports; through to complex bulk seismic data that can be visualised and transformed online.

MEERA™ MDR can be provisioned online in a fraction of the time that it takes to setup a traditional data bank. It is able to scale up to handle the largest repositories, with Petabytes or data, or scale-down to more modest deployments with only a few Terabytes of data.

The solution actively supports monitoring of data standards compliance and quality, through the use of intelligent, dynamic business rules which are integrated into the self-service data submission processes.

The use of collaborative, online workflows for aspects of content submission and distribution enables a broad community of stakeholders to engage with the data using the simple user interface, which can be accessed from mobile or desktop device.

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Key Features

  • Well & Log Data Management
  • Seismic Data Management
  • Spatial Data Access
  • Extensible to Support any Energy Data
  • Online Visualization
  • Submit-Verify-Load workflows
  • Search-Order-Deliver workflows
  • Standards based


Download the MDR brochure>

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